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Oil Filled Altar Candles

(1)      When setting up your oil filled candles for the first time unscrew the top and set the wick height to approx 1/2 inch, this will give an average sized flame 

(2)      Fill the candle (only with recommended candle oil) to about ¾ full and replace the wick holder. If the candle is new, wait about 30 minutes before trying to light it to give the wick time to absorb the oil.

(3)      Do not use wax tapers to light oil filled candles as the wax has an adverse effect on the wick which causes a lot of smoke and will restrict the size of flame. Matches, Lighters or the specially designed oil lighter (which we can supply) should be used.

(4)       Do not let the candle oil run out as this will damage the wick and you will have to trim 1/4 inch off, reducing its life.

(5)       To extinguish the flame blow gently or use a clean candle snuffer

(6)       Oil filled candles are designed for use with a specific oil and should not have inferior cheaper quality oil in as this could be dangerous and cause fires

Wax Altar Candles

(1)     All wax candles should be stored flat and out of sunlight and extreme temperatures.

(2)     When setting up new candles make sure they are upright and firmly placed in holders

(3)     When first lighting make sure the wick is upright and no longer than 1/2 inch,we recommend you use tapers to light the candles. Make sure there are no foreign bodies in the wax pool at the top of the candle. When extinguishing the candle use a candle snuffer or place your thumb in front of the flame and blow gently at your thumb ( it stops wax spraying every where)

(4)     Care should be taken at all times to ensure candles burn safely, never leave lighted candles unsupervised.


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